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Designing and building websites, launching stunning products, making clients happy! We've done it all!

Welcome to Cyber Chiro Chiropractic & Dentistry Websites, your web design agency located in Richmond VA, where the online digital magic happens! We build websites in minutes not months using the powerful Beaver Builder plugin. We give you access to over 30+ free website templates, which are fully customized to suit your practice needs and branding.



Developed within a content management system, namely wordpress, making it easy and quick to update or change content.


Cyber Chiro Websites provides an affordable way to owning a website for your small or large business. Our website design costs are at an hourly rate of $40. That's it! 


All websites are delivered with built in analytics to assess what is working and not on your website. Reports on a month-to-month basis.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content, so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.


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Building Websites That Help Your Practice Grow

Take a look at some of the different websites we have recently developed for the Chiropractic & Dentistry professions. These websites were built with awesome marketing tools to assist with their practice growth.


dr michele

Dr. Michele Bernatchez, DC

Chiro Ste-Rose

Brendan from Cyber Chiro Websites has created a website for us that is not only beautiful, it is SEO optimized and has generated new business for us. 
You can count on his integrity, his perseverance as well as his speed of execution. Great job!


Dr.Clayton Roach

Roach Chiropractic Inc.

After having spent $5000 on my clinic website in 2005 that created 4 new patients for me in the next 9 years and having 2 designers run with a total of $10k for my online business website without having done anything, I have to say I was quite skeptical and fearful when Dr. Mike from Chiropractic Masters International proposed to build me a new website. Despite my history, I put my fears aside and went ahead with what later became one of the best decisions I have made for my practice in ten years. Cyber Chiro delivered it on time and on budget. Not only is it beautiful, but it attracts 7-10 new ones per month in our practice and over 30 potential new patients per month hop on our website and give us their email so we can educate them further and gain their trust so they too can one day come in our clinic for care. Cyber Chiro's websites work and will become a beautiful constant source of new patients for you unlike many other website companies in chiropractic who promise and don't deliver. You will not be disappointed. Let Cyber Chiro design you a website that will be an extension of you and give you leverage attracting new ones without taking time away from your family.

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Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is our preferred drag and drop WordPress Page Builder making it easy to build beautiful, responsive WordPress pages in minutes not months.

FREE Templates

Cyber Chiro's extensive library of FREE wordpress templates to select from, which are customizable as well as page content layout sections.


MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.


OptinMonster is the best lead-generation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create beautiful attention grabbing optin forms that convert well. 

How We Work

First we arrange meeting to assess and discuss your website needs. 


Cyber Chiro can assist with setting up preffered hosting company.

Page Content

All text content, headings and images are provided by you.

Live Website

After all content is added and design is approved, it will go live!

Our Web Design Costs

How Much Should a Website Cost, Anyway?

It can be hard to get a solid price range for a web design project without going through the gamut of contacting lots of web design providers and asking for quotes. Most people will give you a short answer – “It depends,” and that’s true. Prices for websites vary quite a bit depending on what features you need, yet they still fall within a general range, and here it is (updated June 2015):

Simple custom-designed websites (1-10 pages): $400-$10,000

ex. Designing a site from scratch

Complex sites (10+ pages or sites with lots of programming): $10,000-$25,000

ex. A custom social media site or web application

Just for reference - your typical small business site generally costs between $2,000-$6,000.

Can I get a custom site for less than $1,000?

Yes, but you probably won’t like what you’re getting. Around the lowest price you’ll find for an entire custom website will be $400-$500, which will almost certainly come from overseas (very frequently from India and Pakistan). These websites are notoriously of very, very low quality, and likely will do little to help your business succeed. Online marketing in the U.S. is an incredibly difficult discipline, even when your first language is English – imagine how hard it can be with a language barrier! If you’re looking to actually make money online, you’ll need a higher quality site.

For a reasonably high-quality site from a U.S. firm, the minimum price is usually something like $4,000. With any eCommerce functionality, most firms charge at least $6k.

What if my designer wants an hourly rate?

International work: $5-$40

Freelance: $30-$90 (usually)

Professional: $45-$120

Pay-by-the-hour is not particularly uncommon with freelancers, but if you’re working on a big project – beware. Your cost can quickly get out of hand if your designer hits a roadblock (or simply decides to exaggerate the number of hours he/she worked). Attempt to avoid an hourly rate if you can. Nearly all projects can be quantified with a flat rate to some extent. If not, make sure you have a bona fide contract in place that limits the number of hours you can be charged.

Other website costs

Web hosting: $4-$50 a month

Your hosting fee is the way that you pay “rent” to house your website on the internet. For simple websites, you shouldn’t need more than 1GB of space per year and 3-10 GB of bandwidth. As you begin to grow, you’ll want to expand your hosting, but unless you’re hosting large image files or streaming videos, that likely won’t be necessary soon. Nearly all web design firms will work with your existing hosting provider (if you have one), so don’t feel as though you’re required to switch every time you need a redesign.

Domain registration: $7-$14 a year

Your annual domain registration fee renews your exclusive right to the use of your domain name. You can register a domain on your own or through your web design firm. Warning: if your web design firm is registering your domain name for you, and you’re not sure if they’re trustworthy, make sure that they register the domain in your name, not theirs. If the domain is registered with their business name, some domain providers consider them as the actual rightful owner of the domain – which means if you ever need to switch web design firms, you’ll be unable to do so without going through the firm. I can’t tell you how often we encounter clients who’ve been essentially extorted by their web design firms over their domain names – sleazy firms will require a “transfer payment” to give over control of the domain, sometimes $500 or more. Make sure you never get into that position!

And that’s just about everything!

Just so you know – Cyber Chiro charges $2,500 for a small business site (one of the lowest rates on the internet), which includes a high quality custom web design, marketing help, and lots of other great freebies.

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